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About the Institute of Canine Sciences

Welcome to the Institute of Canine Sciences (ICS). ICS is a membership-based organization, dedicated to the continual development of professionals in the canine care industry. The canine care industry is made up of dog trainers, dog walkers, kennel or daycare managers and staff, shelter and rescue staff, dog sitters, and veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

Professionals that choose a career in the canine care industry are committed to providing the highest quality services to their clients. ICS provides continuing education and certification programs for our members, supporting their continued growth and commitment to excellence.

For the general public, working with a canine care professional that is an active member of the Institute of Canine Sciences gives you confidence that they invest in their continuing education, adhere to industry professional standards, and are committed to continued theoretical and practical education. Your professional’s commitment to their education translates directly into their ability to provide you with the highest level of care and knowledge for your dog that the industry has to offer.

For the media and government, ICS provides a reliable resource for research, an in-depth understanding of current events, and provides insight into the industry and customer tends.

Continuing Education Courses

Certificate Courses

The Institute of Canine Sciences offers Certificate courses for its professional members. All courses are designed with a balance of theoretical learning and practical experience.

The core curriculum for all ICS certificate programs is based on a foundation of Learning Theory, normal canine social structure, an understanding of canine communication, and handling skills. Read More

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