The Institute of Canine Sciences is a membership-based organization dedicated to supporting professionals in the canine care industry. ICS offers a comprehensive membership program, certificate training to provide continuing education opportunities for professionals, and equipment sales.


Many professionals struggle with setting their business apart in the market place. Customers are more sophisticated today, and are looking for assurance that you and your staff have the education to care for their pet. Being an active member in the Institute of Canine Sciences demonstrates your commitment to professionalism and continued growth in your field.

ICS offers two levels of membership:

  • Professional Member
  • Associate Member

The ICS Professional Membership is restricted to individuals who are currently working in the canine care industry.

Associate Membership is open to individuals who are not currently working in the canine care industry, or desire to be a member without participating in the continuing education requirements.

Continuing Education

ICS members are eligible to participate in all ICS continuing education opportunities.

All ICS programs were developed with a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on skills, with certification provided for each course. The syllabus for each program outlines the content and objectives of each course.

Registration to certification programs is restricted to ICS professional members only.

Equipment Sales

ICS globally sources equipment of the highest quality, ensuring that all products we sell to our ICS professional members are capable of withstanding the rigors of professional use.