Benefits of Ongoing Canine Education and Training Programs

Benefits of Ongoing Canine Education and Training Programs

Benefits of Ongoing Canine Education and Training Programs

The Institute of Canine Sciences offers a wide range of continuing educational courses and canine training certification programs for professionals in the canine care industry, as well as educational courses for those individuals considering entering the canine care industry. The canine industry has changed over the years, partly due to the Internet and availability of online content that people are able to access.

People are more knowledgeable about canine care and training. Even though they might not understand the exact science behind a particular theory or practice, they are quick to know when it is not being done correctly. As a result, they will take their business elsewhere or spend more time researching businesses within the canine industry to find the best one that will meet their needs.

What sets one canine industry business apart from another? Ongoing education and training opportunities through continuing educational courses. People, in this profession, who take the time to earn certifications and continuing education credits are able to communicate this with their prospective clients. They can post on their business’ website and social media pages they just earned a specific certification, such as in personal handling skills. Then, when people see this information, they know the canine professional has the skills to address their needs in various areas of canine care and training.

The primary benefit of completing ongoing canine education and training programs is to demonstrate your commitment to your profession. This, in turn, translates into being able to deliver the highest level of knowledge and care for your clients’ dogs. As a result, your clients are more confident in your abilities to perform your duties and will continue to use your services. In addition, when clients are happy and satisfied with your skills, they are apt to provide referrals using various methods, like word-of-mouth, posting on their social media pages, and so on. This is free marketing and advertising for your business, further helping to grow your opportunities.

Which Program Should I Start With?

There are so many different educational courses and canine training programs to choose from, and you might not be entirely where to start. A good place to start your ongoing training or your introduction to the canine care industry is with our “Welcome to the Institute of Canine Sciences” as this program provides a general overview of the Institute, as well as several course topics, including:

  • Canine Jobs and Careers
  • The Dog Care Industry
  • Learning Theory
  • Canine Communication and Behaviour
  • Fundamental Principles
  • The Role of the Institute of Canine Sciences
  • Membership Programs

This introductory course is designed to provide an understanding of the basic foundation used for all Institute of Canine Sciences’ training programs and educational courses. Best of all, the Institute of Canine Sciences offers this introductory course at no charge to all participants. Not only do you get to learn more about the Institute, but also various areas of the canine industry.

After completing the introductory course, if you need further assistance in deciding which training programs and educational courses would be best for your business, we are happy to provide assistance to help you. For more information about our programs or to register for our introductory course, please feel free to contact the Institute of Canine Sciences today at 647-924-3306 to speak to a representative.