Body Language 101 – Dogs Are ESL Students

Length of Course 8 hours
Fee $50.00
Prerequisite None
Certificate Certificate of Attendance

Interspecies miscommunication is one of the most commune causes for dog bites, and for a failure in training and handling programs. Understanding the emotional and mental state of the dogs you are working with is critical to being successful in your training and handling of them, and your staying safe!

Canines communicate using macro and micro body language. This course provides an understanding of the macro communication pattern of canines, and how humans typically misinterpret this communication.

Course Objectives:

  • To introduce students to interspecies miscommunication
  • To introduce students to the role of play in canine communication
  • To provide students with an understanding of macro canine body language

Course Topics:

  • Interspecies Miscommunication
  • Macro vs. Micro Canine Body Language
  • The Role of Play in Canine Communication
  • Macro Body Language Identification and Categorization

Practical Handling:

  • Practical experience is included

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