The Institute of Canine Sciences offers diploma courses that are designed to provide the animal lover with both the theoretical education and practical skill needed to become a professional in the canine care industry.

The core curriculum for ICS diploma programs provides students with a foundation in Learning Theory, canine social structure, understanding canine communication, handling skills, industry information, and business management.

ICS diploma programs prepare students to become professionals in the growing canine care industry. Diploma programs ensure that graduates are competent and meet the Entry-to-Practice Standard required by their profession.

If you are already a professional, and would like to become certified, ICS offers prep courses and exam challenges for those with experience directly relevant to the diploma program.

Professionals who have graduated from the following programs are automatically eligible for certification and membership:

  • K9 Solutions
  • RoseWood Pet Resort
  • K9 Montessori
  • Pet’s Beautiful

ICS Diploma Courses