Protection Training 201

Length of Course 32 hours
Fee $275.00
Prerequisite Protection Training 101
Certificate Level 1 Certification

This course is a must have for trainers that want to begin protection training as a handler or decoy, enhance their current skills, or become certified as a Level 1 Agitation Decoy!

This program will focus sharply on two areas, understanding the appropriate use of drive theory in protection training and agitation decoy practical skills. The agitation decoy skills gained in this course will include training both sport and civil protection dogs.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide students with a functional understanding of the use of drive theory in protection training
  • To provide students with an understanding of how to build training programs for individual protection dogs
  • To provide students with in-depth protection handling skills
  • To provide students with physical agitation decoy skills

Course Topics:

  • Use of Drive Theory in Building Protection Training Plans
  • Development of the Protection Dog for Sport or Civil Work
  • Handling Protection Dogs Through Different Developmental Stages
  • Handling Protection Dogs Through the 3 Phases of Canine Learning
  • Agitation Decoy Skills

Practical Handling:

  • Practical experience is a focus of this course

Certifcation Requirements:

Students who have successfully completed the Protection Training 201 course are eligible to write the Level 1 Certification – Protection Training.

To achieve the Level 1 Certification, students must attain 70 % on a written test and 70% on a practical test.

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