Why Become a Certified Dog Trainer in Toronto

Why Become a Certified Dog Trainer in Toronto

Why Become a Certified Dog Trainer in Toronto

Becoming a dog trainer in Toronto can be a rewarding career that has its own benefits over other types of careers. If you are a dog lover, choosing this career allows you to work with dogs and their pet parents, while doing something you truly enjoy. One of the biggest questions people have is whether they need to complete dog training certification in order to be a dog trainer.

Having certification certainly helps, as clients are more likely to choose a dog trainer, who took the time to complete training and educational courses to further their abilities. While it is possible to learn several topics on your own, you will soon discover you reach a peak. In order to continue to grow your abilities and skills in dog training, it is highly recommended to take dog training certification programs.

Canine certification programs cover a diverse range of coursework and provide you access to other professionals within this industry. Not only do you get to learn various skillsfirst-hand, but also get to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the instructors, who were once in your place and decided to become certified canine trainers and educators. Certification programs are able to be customized to fit your needs. Some of the more common courses you could complete, as part of your certification, include:

  • Defensive Handing
  • Body Language
  • Professional Handling Skills
  • Why Dogs Bit
  • Anger Management
  • Social Structure
  • Protection Training
  • Drive Theory
  • Planning for Your Canine Business
  • Tracking and Scent Discrimination
  • Marketing Your Canine Business

Keep in mind everyone’s needs often vary when someone wants to become a certified dog trainer. Some people may already be working in the industry for a veterinarian’s office, dog day care centre, dog groomer, or pet store, and realize becoming certified not only furthers their career, but helps the business they are currently working for. Other people want to start their own business and provide dog training and other related services.

What You Need to Be Aware of When Starting Your Own Business

Owning and operating your dog training business has its own rewards, but also has several risks you need to be aware of before starting the business.


  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Make Your Own Schedule
  • Enjoy Getting Up and Going to Work
  • Get to Help Dogs and People
  • Get to Do Something You Love


  • Income Can be Unpredictable
  • Unpaid Holidays and Vacations
  • No Employee Benefits
  • Have to Find Clients

For most people, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Initially, new business owners tend to continue to work their existing jobs while they build their businesses on the side. This allows them to have a steady income, concentrate on completing canine training certification, and finding clients. Once their business has grown and is providing sufficient income, then they transition to running their business full time.

If you are interested in becoming a certified dog trainer in Toronto, The Institute of Canine Sciences invites you to contact us today at 647-924-3306. We are dedicated to supporting professionals and those interested in a career in the canine care industry by offering access to certificate courses and ongoing training through our membership programs.